In the beginning, our mission was simple; we wanted to create superior hair care products that took full advantage of the abundant resources found in nature. We knew there would be obstacles to overcome, but we knew we were up to the challenge, so we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. Our mission has expanded significantly since then; SIMPLIFICA is still fully committed to creating hair care products that celebrate beauty without compromising safety and wellness. But in recent years, we have come to realize that we need to do more.

Our customers’ concerns go beyond hair care. They want everything they use on their bodies and in their homes to be Effective, Healthy, Safe, Cruelty-Free and Ethical. If you are visiting our online store and learn nothing else about us, we want you to know this; SIMPLIFICA has not created the perfect "All of our dreams have come true" personal care line.... As much as we would love to claim that we have, it isn't true. Our wish list remains long and we are constantly scouting for better ingredients that are even safer, healthier and purer than those we use now. Knowing we are using the very best available is probably supposed to be "enough", but it never has been - we want even better, for you and for us. Knowing that our products DO deliver professional quality results is a huge point of pride...and we are continually working on the next generation that takes this even further. Maybe perfection isn't possible - but the pursuit of it certainly is!!!!

As many of you may already know – At the start of 2016, we rebranded our company from SALON NATURALS to SIMPLIFICA. We took this rebranding opportunity to improve our product line to deliver the next series of exceptional hair care products - all infused with some of the most precious ingredients, free of Harsh Chemicals, No Parabens or Sulfates and Safe for Color-treated hair.

SIMPLIFICA .....Simple as it is Pure!